When non-synthetic cleaning is needed.

I had to do my time at the DMV last month.  So I figured I’d have a bit o’ fun.  So I’m jokin’ around with ALL the others who are just waitin’ & killing time, and we start cheering for each other’s numbers to be called, and just gettin’ downright silly.  It’s Oakland at its diverse best!  I sell a couple of raffle tickets for my church fundraising dinner & dance… and thus meet BoAe Kim, who fearlessly jumps into the DMV frolicking fray.  We start talking enthusiastically about what we do for a living, and fell in “co-business-person love”.  Now, a month later, she’s gone on to help my affiliates get their blogs up and running, but here is what she normally offers: is an integrated cleaning service, and offers machine rentals, deliveries, and sales.  The Ladybug is an industrial strength dry vapor machine, but a household model.  With patented technology approved by the EPA for disinfectant purposes, you can use it to disinfect any and all home surfaces, and is particularly useful for people with asthma and allergies.

This is the only company that rents and sells these machines, and also provides people to actually use the machine in your home if you don’t want to do the work yourself.

Great for cars, and for contractors, and EXCELLENT for people with multiple chemical sensitivities, as no chemicals are needed… just pure water is used.

Eco-friendly, and BoAe Kim, the owner, likes to support people in health and wellness oriented businesses.