Protesting Trump’s Inauguration: What’s the END GAME?

Reflections after reading THIS article about the upcoming Trump Inauguration protest:

Protest -  Whats the End Game

This event is organized by the group I supported for 24 years as a young adult. I do NOT support this type of event, and I no longer support the group that is organizing it.

I think it’s particularly irresponsible to use the kind of language and imagery that whips people up to potentially use violence in an upcoming scenario, but maintains plausible deniability of culpability by using specific language that cannot legally be construed as “advocating violence”. (If you are against Trump, you’ll understand what I’m saying because you know how language can potentially whip up attacks on people, whether or not that’s the desired effect.) Google “Smith Act” for more info.

Trump protest combo of fliers

Basically, they (the organizers of the protest) want things to get more & more heated and confrontational, upping the ante and providing future scenarios which may make the launching of a real (armed) revolution in the United States more plausible.

If you like the idea of effective protest, and “shutting things down”, know that the group taking the lead and organizing the purchasing of a full page ad in the NY Times, is the Revolutionary Communist Party. I used to give my life to that cause. But I stopped that in 2006.

Our parents and their parents gave their last breaths to provide us with something worth reverence and adherence. For me, Jesus Christ and His way are worth living and dying for. The Communist vision, and the path to get there, are devoid of soul. Human life is precious, and the only way to TRULY grasp and live it that way, is through Jesus Christ.

If you think you can just unite in a partial and temporary way with an effort like the Inauguration Protest, you may be right. But consider this:

I spent 24 years fighting to advance the RCP cause. And though I withdrew from these efforts 10 years ago, I am seeing the potential (unlikely though it may be) for my past efforts to continue to their fruition.

If the efforts of my life on this earth may come to fruition later, after my passing, I now definitely want to make sure my efforts align with those of Jesus, because it was the AMAZING LOVE I learned from Jesus Christ that I construed (as a youth) as prompting me to engage in building the revolutionary movement.

Had someone been bold enough to engage with me in depth at that time, showing me why Jesus’ way is better than the revolutionary way, I can’t even say I would have fully listened to him or her, because the PC agenda had an answer for just about everything, and the revolutionary agenda allowed me (and consciously encouraged me!) to stay angry, never to reconcile with “the enemy” and never to “forgive” or make peace with the “oppressor”.

Forgiveness meme

While they opposed manifestations of resentment and retaliation WITHIN the movement of the “oppressed”, they fostered it against other humans, who were categorized by their station in relation to capital — as “oppressors”.

God bless you.
God MAY bless you with a second chance should you take the same path I took, but some things cannot be reversed. I caused harm. I do my best to do restitution. It’s not too late for you to take a different path, a path that nourishes with love, and doesn’t ever choose to feed resentment. You can take a path of hope & confidence. God DOES exist. He leads my steps now. He picked up the wreckage of my humble, little life when I was on the floor, and he rebuilt His now very grateful daughter.

If anyone wants to discuss these matters of great import, feel free to contact me. Life on earth is short. Life after that is eternal. What you do today and each day has eternal repercussions, for you and everyone.


Are you a free spirit? Hate “obedience”? Guess what? You’re going to be obeying one leader or another, one ideology or another. Right now, in the U.S., it’s voluntary. You have free will. People of all persuasions, religions, national backgrounds, for centuries now, have fought to defend that free will by defending the U.S. Constitution, which is an expression of the founding fathers’ grasp of God being the granter of free will.

Other people for a century have lofted the revolutionary communist goal. They do not value human life in and of itself, but rather as a means to a desired end.

People for collective millennia have transmitted, from one generation to the next, and with great personal and community sacrifice, the Judeo-Christian values.

“Obedience” is seen in modern society as a dirty word. But in the Judeo-Christian framework, it is a manifestation of humility & dedication, sacrifice & service — virtues sorely lacking in today’s world.

Before you throw away something (especially human life, in word or deed), examine it thoroughly. Compare. And check in with your heart and your humanity. If you believe in God… check in EXTRA with what’s motivating you, and see if God really upholds the PC vision you’re fond of, and the revolutionary vision which leads and informs it. Check in with the Ten Commandments — especially the FIRST Commandment, because all the other 9 Commandments flow from the FIRST, and are meaningless if you discard the first.

… and MAKE NO MISTAKE: Communists are atheists, and while the modern ones “technically” uphold the “right” to believe in God — they aren’t putting their lives on the line to defend such belief, but ultimately to destroy it.

Just my two cents, or two dollars, or 2nd chance in life, depending on what it’s ultimately worth to you.

Prosperity Preachers — What does it mean to be “Rooted” in the UNHOLY?

Meme on Prosperity Preachers 2-18-2018

Sorry that this is just a meme, and not a developed blog post, but I am leaving it this way so that YOU and various people can comment.

Have you watched/listened to some of the prosperity preachers?

Have you been inspired by their gospel of wealth/abundance?

Do you see their preaching as Christian?

Do you wrestle with the issues around “abundance” and whatever faith you profess?

Please share your comments, and feel free to share this blog/meme by grabbing the URL at the top.

Thank you!

Former Lesbian on US Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold Same-Sex Marriage

On the United States Supreme Court’s decision today to uphold same sex “marriage”:

I lived as a lesbian for a while. People can and do shift their attractions… quite frequently. Some women who’ve dated “bad boys” make a conscious shift to allow themselves to see what’s attractive about kind, stable men, for example. Some people choose to focus on something like feet, clothing style, hair or skin color, etc. and make a fetish of it… only to later change. Some people feel attractions they think would be potentially harmful to act upon, so they do not act upon these attractions — like married individuals who choose not to cheat on their spouse. And unmarried individuals who choose not to fornicate. It’s a choice

“Born that way” holds no merit when discussing actions people CHOOSE. SO MANY people have bought the #LGBTQ #propaganda, believing that same-sex attraction is “born in”. There is no evidence of such a genetic predisposition. AND many married people find themselves powerfully sexually attracted to MANY people with whom they are not married. And they ought to refrain from sexually interacting with them, as they have made a commitment which bars such conduct. I have refrained from inappropriate sexual activity. And when I did NOT refrain, I participated in SIN. Fact.

Some people choose not to immerse themselves in Christ’s words and deeds, and not to obey Him, but nonetheless to cloak themselves in His Name. This is blasphemy, and it’s very grievous to God. Lord, help me to follow your path and yours alone… in your name.

I believe one thing that has weakened society’s relationship to truth is that a great number of people want the “freedom” to do whatever they wish, particularly regarding sexual conduct, and to cloak it in God’s name. They defend pornography, lust, sex before and outside of marriage, contraception, abortion, S&M, masturbation, polyamory — basically, there are no holds barred. And they REFUSE to back away from using God’s holy name to justify all these practices, NONE of which God wanted for us.

Truth becomes subordinate to their desires. They see no harm or evil in almost any sexual activity, but that’s not because none exists. Their lens is clouded by their strong affinity with freedom to act how they wish sexually.

Fact is, MANY people choose to “ALLOW THEMSELVES” to pursue same sex attraction and act upon it. This conduct doesn’t stop being sinful simply because they also GIVE THEMSELVES PERMISSION to uphold their own definition of “love” devoid of a concept of OBEDIENCE to God.

For those of us SO GRATEFUL to be Our Good Shepherd’s sheep, whom he has found, rescued, and picked up in his loving arms, we are GLAD to OBEY.

In this world, independence and individualism are prized. But Jesus asked us to live with different values. He didn’t JUST love and accept us the way we are. He HEALED us and told us to Go and Sin No More. Only ONE in TEN lepers returned to thank Him for the healing. Are YOU grateful?

Lift up your eyes to the Lord. He’s merciful. And… He absolutely will NOT lead your life if you choose not to follow Him. He reaches out to us again and again, with HIS FORM of love, which we should LEARN from, by receiving, and not denying, Him.

And the one most important “freedom to choose whom to love” is the freedom to LOVE & ACCEPT CHRIST and ALL He gives us, including Biblical instruction & the Church He gave us before He accepted death on a cross on our behalf. Accept that, rather than twisting Jesus’ “acceptance” to supposedly include a “love” that embraces Sin. Don’t believe in Sin?? Say that, then. Be intellectually and spiritually honest. Don’t say you are a follower of Christ, who dedicated Himself to resist the Devil right before He subjected & submitted Himself to God’s most difficult mission for Him. He OBEYED His Father in heaven rather than seeking His own pleasure. He even completely forewent the joy of sex personally, focusing on LOVING all people by forgiving them their SINS. Christ believed in the threat of Sin, the Devil, and Hell. He gave His ALL for us to see this. If you don’t have eyes to see, nor ears to hear, I pray that something will touch and open your heart. Maybe it will be when you bump into a big, sorrowful reason to regret your choices. Maybe when you hear the painful cries and see the tears of neglected children, betrayed partners… who took a back seat to our hedonistic choices.

HEY! This is NOT about just same-sex intimate relations. This is about ALL the Sins we participate in when we choose our own pleasure above the plan God our Maker has provided for us. I’ve experienced the pain & seen the results of my choices. Others have also experienced pain from MY many Sinful choices. This dynamic humbled me, and broke my prideful spirit, and I opened my heart and eyes and ears to hear God’s calling. I returned to God and saw how MY ways were NO MATCH for God’s ways.

I had been an atheist for a very long while, too. But God courted me and melted my stony heart, and won me over. HE IS so great. I don’t have ANY shame in submitting. In obeying. Do YOU?

God made us to experience GREAT JOY!
Genesis 4:6-7 “Why are you angry?” the Lord asked him. “Why is your face so dark with rage? It can be bright with joy if you will do what you should! But if you refuse to obey, watch out. Sin is waiting to attack you, longing to destroy you. But you can conquer it!”

There are consequences to our Sinful actions which will not be ignorable. I write because I’ve experienced them. I feel like a canary in the mine. I was on a decadent path to death, and life was by no means assured. God blessed me with another chapter. He didn’t have to do that, but He did, yes He did, yes He did! And I thank Him! I now feel tremendous joy in life, and I want God’s joy for everyone. Truth is there are no shortcuts. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. And He’s very available to you.

#SSM isn’t God’s definition of #marriage
#FormerLesbian #Hasbian

In a future blogpost I’ll write about how I went from being raised a devout Catholic to becoming an atheist in college and how this was related to my insufficient responses to others’ sins; my unresolved issues around “women’s oppression” and how this relates with choices of sexuality & sexual expression; and societal politics. Please stay tuned!