Exemplary Elder Ernestine

Exemplary Elder ErnestineErnestine Cohn is one of those people you want in your Longevity Community.  She might not like that I happen to know her age, which is an additional reason for me to be a special cheerleader and fan of hers, but here’s the deal:  she is tracking GREAT for longevity, in part because she stays SO positive, and does her business with that depth of commitment to service that you don’t often find in modern times.  Ernestine’s aim?  Her “Purpose”:  PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE.  Some people’s “Purpose” is very faith-based, other people’s purpose is family-based, others is career-based, and some purposes are based on a passionate hobby.  I can help you identify YOURS.

Ernestine makes a practice of regular long walks — in fact that is how I originally met her over 3 years ago — on a local Walkers MeetUp.  And I just RE-met her last week on a Walkers MeetUp.  I remembered her well because we naturally hit it off on that first walk and talked the whole time!  (If you’re not a woman, HINT:  That is a GOOD thing!  Lol) Ernestine is the sole owner of Robinson-Cohn and Co. Insurance Agency, licensed since 1980.

Looking through our lens of the 5 elements of longevity, peek at Ernestine:  Even though she walks regularly, she scored herself in the mid-range on “Movement”.  She is also a GREAT “Connector”, and yet scores herself in the mid-range there, too.  She scores herself a little higher on Purpose, but this woman is ON FIRE for her Purpose of helping people protect what they love through the proper insurance coverage.  So when she scores herself higher on Relaxation and Nutrition, one can only imagine.  Again I will remind you, that this woman is a community ELDER!  So, if you are wanting to get to know a woman who is seasoned in the interpersonal dimension of life and full of energy, whether to partner with her in walking, or in business, or in our Longevity Community… not to mention in romance (!)… then hey… come on one of our Longevity Community Walks, or join your local Walker’s meetup!  You never KNOW who you might meet — and you’ll knock out TWO longevity elements in ONE activity — Connection, and Movement. =^)

They COME, so YOU don’t have to GO.

GO.   Go shopping.  Go get the best organic produce.   Go drive and create emissions.  Go use gas.   Go wait in the grocery store line.  Go and miss time with your loved ones.  Go and miss a call you were waiting for.  You get the point.

So to COMBAT all this GO, GO, GO… call G.O. — Guerrilla Organics!

I met Mark Deutsch and Martha Matsuda in around 2003.  About one year prior, their business Guerrilla Organics indeed started organically.  Mark Deutsch began this company in 2002 when he moved to San Francisco from St. Louis.  Going to a local organic foods store to stock his refrigerator, Mark was shocked at the cost ($200!) for two bags of groceries which contained mostly produce.  Going to San Francisco’s Wholesale Farmer’s Market, Mark bought something affordable – a box of potatoes.  He shared his potatoes with housemates and friends, who told other friends, who wanted in on the deal; someone else asked if he delivered.  Thus was born Guerrilla Organics – a small organic produce delivery business that still operates guerrilla-style… but now in Oakland, Berkeley, SF, Daly City, & Pacifica

The cool thing for me, personally, is that Mark invented and patented the most amazing musical instrument, called a Bazantar.  He plays mesmerizing, heady, transformative music that can deliver you into a new consciousness.  And Martha shares her passions in a unique and fascinating art form — Butoh dancing.  So they support their performing arts habits by slinging local, organic produce.  They are SUPER consistent in their organic produce delivery and they are particularly enlightened and spiritually developed people… made it a very easy decision for me to switch to them from my previous “Box” delivery service.  I think participating with arts and cultural events is an important Longevity Practice.  It can re-connect us with all of humanity, and also with our Purpose.  And gives us a vehicle to bond more deeply with our loved ones and friends.

Can you imagine how cool I felt when I realized that my organic produce delivery purchases would create proceeds that help 2 cutting edge community artists practice their crafts in the arts?  AND that staying with their services meant that I get an “organic” way to continue developing my own connection with that kind of people?


When non-synthetic cleaning is needed.

I had to do my time at the DMV last month.  So I figured I’d have a bit o’ fun.  So I’m jokin’ around with ALL the others who are just waitin’ & killing time, and we start cheering for each other’s numbers to be called, and just gettin’ downright silly.  It’s Oakland at its diverse best!  I sell a couple of raffle tickets for my church fundraising dinner & dance… and thus meet BoAe Kim, who fearlessly jumps into the DMV frolicking fray.  We start talking enthusiastically about what we do for a living, and fell in “co-business-person love”.  Now, a month later, she’s gone on to help my affiliates get their blogs up and running, but here is what she normally offers: is an integrated cleaning service, and offers machine rentals, deliveries, and sales.  The Ladybug is an industrial strength dry vapor machine, but a household model.  With patented technology approved by the EPA for disinfectant purposes, you can use it to disinfect any and all home surfaces, and is particularly useful for people with asthma and allergies.

This is the only company that rents and sells these machines, and also provides people to actually use the machine in your home if you don’t want to do the work yourself.

Great for cars, and for contractors, and EXCELLENT for people with multiple chemical sensitivities, as no chemicals are needed… just pure water is used.

Eco-friendly, and BoAe Kim, the owner, likes to support people in health and wellness oriented businesses.

Oakland “Akea!” Longevity Hot Spot Experience

So you’d like to know more about AKEA?

Is it a food?  Is it a business?  Is it a supplement?  How does it work?  How is it supposed to make life happier, healthier, and longer?  How do I make money with it?  Does it work for diabetes?  Does it work for weight loss?  Can anyone use it?

Akea.  Life.  Join In.

Tuesday evenings: 7pm-8pm

Call or email your RSVP to register by Monday 10pm, and you’ll be given the host address.


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